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Day 8: Rum & Coke

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday as I rode almost every section and walked very little. After breakie I cruised along, passed the Mt. Massive trailhead and then came to the Mt Elbert trailhead. Of course I had to use the outhouse that was at the trailhead. 5 for 5 now!


Continued along making good time to twin lakes which was beautiful. Rode the long hot miles around the lake and took a nice long break cause it looked liked it was going to rain ahead. It cleared up and on I went.


Made it to the last peak where I could see the campsite I would be staying at. It was really fun and a scenic 2 mile downs to camp. Found a nice site at mile 191.3 next to the river.


There were lots of campers and motorhomes so figured someone would have a few beers to sell me as that would hit the spot after a long but good day. Asked from campsite to campsite but no luck. They either didn't drink or didn't have extra. Oh well.


Started setting up camp as fast as I could as it looked like a storm was moving in. Made some lasagna (best dry food yet) and noticed my neighbors were back so I went to ask them. They didn't have beer but they had rum and gave me half a bottle full! They also gave me a bag of ice, cans of coke and cups. I tried giving them $20 but they refused. Thank you Mike & Katy from Iowa, this really hit the spot and made a perfect ending to a long but good day.


It started to rain and thunder so I quickly made it to the tent. Laid in there drinking rum and coke while listening to the rain and reading my book. Very cool. Started getting tired so turned off my light and I was out. What an awesome day!

This is my toothbrush. Yes it's a kids one. I did this to save weight. Not cause I'm a big kid.

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