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Day 5: The Big Ol' Lake & First Food Drop

Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2016

Today would be the first and only day we would actually walk along Lake Superior. When we made it there, all three of us decided to get refreshed by having a quick dip in the lake. It was freezing but felt so good to have a quick bath.

The trail followed the beach for a mile in a half and we thought it would be easy and flat. It was flat but not easy as the beach was filled with small pebbles and your feet would just sink in so it took a lot of effort to take one step.


Our packs were pretty empty by now as we were nearing our first food drop. We had the option of setting up camp one mile before it and then hiking to the food drop and backtracking to camp or we could continue on, pick it up and go 2.3 miles more to the next camp. We decided to do the latter which would make it our longest day yet at about 16 miles!


We were both excited and nervous to see if our first food drop would still be there. Did an animal, human or storm get to it first?!

Nope. It was still there hanging from the dead tree we hung it from. Hip hip hooray! But we were very lucky as when we got the food down we noticed that all the trees in that area were marked to be cut down. This means that the workers would have definitely saw our bag hanging as well as our booze laying on the ground. Thank god they didn't take it. We joked how funny it would have been if when we arrived they had already cut down all the trees or drank all our beer and just left the empties.


One of the main reasons we decided to push on is cause we knew there was fireball at our food drop and so to lighten the load, for the next two miles to camp we drank some of it along the way.


Rolled into West Devil Track Campsite around 8pm and it was a really cool one right next to bridge crossing a raging river. There were several tents set up with people in them and one of the ladies came out to say hi. We chatted for a bit and then she went to bed.


We decided to make a small fire and collected some wood. When it was time for bed we hung our food from the bridge over the river which worked great.

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