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Day 17: First Aid Kit, Highest Point, Elk & Moose

It was so nice waking up warm and in a bed. It wasn't nice sleeping with people who snore. But it was totally worth it and I loved that I didn't have to pack up a wet tent.


John was up as well as another guy who was hiking the CT. We asked if he needed a ride to the trail and he said that would be much better than trying to hitchhike. I ordered a breakfast bagel and cappuccino from the coffee shop next door and we loaded our stuff into Hannahs' car.


Up we went to the Spring Creek Pass. It was really nice having some real food and caffeine to start the day. Once at the trail head both me and the other hiker gave John $20 each to fill up her car with gas and buy a beer. The other guy was going the other direction so said our goodbyes.


There was a toilet at the trail head so I made sure to take advantage of that before heading off on the trail. Met some hunters along the trail and talked with them for a bit. Kept going and about 10 miles into the ride my brake started to make a funny noise. Shit.


I stopped to take a look. Took it all apart and spent an hour trying to fix it. I ended up have to bend the spring and I used one of my old pads and one John had modified. These two had the most brake pad material on them. So I kinda fixed it but they weren't super grippy. Guess it'll have to do until I get to Silverton.

Had to break out the first aid kit for the first time for the injury I got yesterday.


While I was working on it a lady hiker passed me and we chatted for a bit. She continued on and I eventually caught her. We ended up talking and hiking together for several miles. It was actually nice having someone to talk to. Then we made it to the highest point on the CT! Woo hoo!!! Plus there was a huge Elk at the top so it was a pretty magical moment.


It was all downhill from here so said bye and off I zoomed. Wanted to go at least 6 more miles so I would be on schedule. I had been out of water for an hour or two so I was so happy when I saw the next stream.


Made it up and over a saddle and down to a small lake. On my approach there was this gigantic moose. He stared at me while I took photos. Was starting to feel a wee bit scared so I quietly kept going around the corner where an older couple had set up camp.


I told them about the moose and said I was going to set up camp on the other side of the little lake at mile 380.2. While I was setting up I could still occasionally see that big ol' moose. Made me a bit uncomfortable but figured he wouldn't bother me unless I bothered him.


It started getting dark and super cold fast. So I hurried to set up camp, eat and lay down. Read more of my book and fell asleep.

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