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To Buy Unicycles and Juggling Equipment


Bedford Unicycles

Best unicycle store in Canada period!


Unicycle Dot Com

Unicycle stores worldwide where you can buy anything relating to unicycling!


 Kris Holm Unicycles

The Lance Armstrong of unicycling, Kris Holm, designs and builds top quality unicycles.

Information About Unicycling


Unicycling Forums

Built by a unicycler for unicyclists, this is the place to go for anything relating to unicycling. Ask questions, search topics, find upcoming events, cool videos, pictures, you name it and it'll be here!


John Foss Unicycling Website

Lots of information about unicycling and many more links and pictures can be found here.


 THE Unicycle Page

This Unicycle Page is dedicated to providing links to the best internet resources to learn more about the sport of unicycling.


 Unicycling Society of America

Good place to go if you live in the USA and want to become a member, looking for events or clubs and want more info.

Upcoming Unicycle Championships


World Unicycling Championships & Convention


For the first time ever, UNICON will be held in Bemidji, MN! It will be in the summer of 2024 and this is one thing you will not want to miss!!

Unicycle Clubs


Northern Beaches Unicycle Club


The best unicycle club in Australia!


Sydney Unicycle Hockey Every Sunday

Come join us for a fun game of unicycle hockey every Sunday in Newtown, Australia! It's a blast and a great workout.

Renaissance Festivals



Your Search Engine For All Things Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic and More.

jester riding a unicycle

The Renlist

The easiest way to find Renaissance and other fairs near you.

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