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National & World Champion Unicyclist

For a variety of unicycling disciplines.

Perfect For:

*Corporate Functions

*Private Parties

*Fairs & Markets

*Renaissance Festivals

*Sporting Events





*Halftime Shows

*School Functions

*Roving Entertainment


*Grand Openings


*Trade Shows

*Christmas Luncheons

*Charity Fundraisers

*Wedding Receptions

*Your Celebration

Recent Photos:

Recent Testimonials:

"Jamey's show is a different and a unique unicycle show, that I could easily recommend to any festival around the world. Even at times in the schedule when it's hard to get a crowd he managed to build a huge audience and in the end, every single show ended up with a big full circle crowd. Jamey is a magnet and a power act. Not only is he a humble and a very likable character on stage, he is also a very nice person backstage."

Thorsten Andreassen

Stockholm Street Fest Director

"We had Jamey perform at our 2016 Nike Extravaganza. He is truly a crowd pleaser. His casual comedic style grabbed the audiences attention and made him a favorite. His skills as a performer are excellent and his patter during his show engaging. He performed before a crowd of 3400 and had their absolute attention. I would certainly recommend Jamey as someone to consider for an event.

Steven Kasper

Nike Extravaganza Media Entertainment Director

Custom Shows

Each show is customized to your needs including costume, length and content, making The Unicycling Unicorn the perfect entertainment for your event.

Performances can be anywhere from 5 minutes (i.e. halftime show) to an all day event (i.e. fairs), you choose! Content includes anything from juggling balls, clubs, fire, knives and an iPhone, hundreds of tricks on the unicycle, spinning fire, jumping over someone, teaching people how to juggle, magic and of course the 12 foot unicycle!

Comedy is mixed throughout the entire show and can be edited to fit adults or children. Audiences range from just a few kids to a stadium filled with sport fans. Each show comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The Unicycling Unicorn takes pride in his work and is confident that you will enjoy the performance!


Jamey also teaches kids and adults how to unicycle and juggle. He has 30 years of experience, making him one of the best teachers in the world. It takes the average person 10-15 hours of practice to learn how to ride and only a few hours to juggle. Let Jamey be your coach and it'll cut that time in half.

There is a one hour beginners course so you can get the basics or a 5 week course that meets for an hour once a week. This can be as a private one on one session or as a group setting. Unicycles and juggling equipment can be provided but it's best for everyone to have their own. He spends the entire year traveling so contact him for pricing and to see if he'll be coming to your town. 

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